Political Prophesy (just for fun)

This little diddy satirizes the prophesy given by the character Vitruvius in The Lego Movie. If you haven’t watched The Lego Movie, you’ll at least want to view this clip of the prophesy in question, in order to properly appreciate my rewrite (which has nothing to do with Legos and everything to do with the field of democratic candidates vying for the 2020 nomination). Field tested on my extended and in-law family members, I’m told this is entertaining regardless of one’s political leanings. Enjoy!

(The following is just for fun, and won’t count toward my 20+ text posts per year.)

From this glut of liberal chicks and dudes

a nominee with beliefs of blue

will make the cry of resistance sound

from coastal cities all around 

And come 2020 election day,

this master candidate will thwart the Cheetoh

and save the USA!

And deliver our planet from its Trump-induced blues

To the DNC, this is prophecy!

To the GOP, “Fake News!”