Suspending Payments During the Pandemic

In this time of reaching out for connection, I believe we’re ALL called to rediscover the depths of our humanity and give back as best we can. Some of you know, I’m working to do this in very tangible ways in my immediate community, but I want to give back and provide support and connection in every way I’m able.  

With that, at the time of this posting, it is currently free to become my patron on Patreon and gain access to so much more of my poetry and fiction. This goes for both tiers of patronage, so you might as well choose “All-Access” which unlocks everything I’ve posted going all the way back to July of 2018. 

Log on at The Patreon system will still have you enter a method of payment, and it may even suggest to you that you’ll be charged on May 1st, but I have paused payments for the time being, and plan to continue doing so for as long as the devastating effects of Covid-19 (including isolation, sharp economic downturns and widespread illness and loss of life) last OR until Patreon tells me I must begin charging again to retain my creator page. (I have yet to find anything in their terms that indicates a limit for how many months a creator can pause payments.)

In any case, I will message all of my patrons before I un-pause the payments to my account with at least two weeks notice that payments will resume the first of the next month, so you may cancel at that time if you choose. In the meantime, please consider my poetry and fiction at your disposal to provide diversion and hopefully levity and solace through these unprecedented times.